About Us

The first floor is our cultural center, featuring KITO symbols. The second floor is technology & leisure center, complete with a high-tech glass enclosure, quiet coffee bar, as well as a product exhibition space. On the third floor, we exhibit a lively boutique with 15 separate rooms. The 15 rooms conjure up an atmosphere of distinct old world style and great quality of life.

The fourth, fifth and sixth floor are designated office space, symbolizing the development direction of KITO. All staff working here are striving for product innovation and improvement, advancing our firm into a new stage.

Introducing, KITO’s CEO – Mr. He. For the past several years Mr. He has been dedicated to the production of high-quality rustic tiles.

Today, under Mr. He’s experienced direction, KITO’s products have been exported to more than sixty countries, and they have been grant ed access to the Milan Expo, Shanghai Expo, and 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games. The following are some of our cases in overseas countries. They are boosted on the advancing board of Times Square.

Product Videos
  • Modern rustic tile
  • Sugar effect glaze Series
  • Marble tiles
  • Large Ceramic Tile
  • 2CM outdoor using tile
  • Decor,Mosaic & Customized products