Currently, KITO has developed a diverse product offering, including modern rustic tiles, marble tiles, wood grain tile, large-size porcelain tile, outdoor porcelain tile 2cm (thickness), patterned tiles and marble mosaic tiles.

The following items are classic porcelain tiles of different series.

Five colors are available for ALES Series glazed porcelain tiles, including ivory, light grey, middle grey, dark grey and black. We offer three optional standard sizes: 1200*600*11.5, 600*600*10 and 600*600*20.

Our landscape porcelain tile featuers a size of 900*900*11.5, featuring 12 classic ink wash patterns. Inkjet 3D printing with 1280HD resolution, TWINKLE ceramic pigment, and sugar-like dry granules are all adopted in its production.

The ONYX marble tile’s standard size is 900*900, featuring the combination of horizontal lines, vertical lines and circle lines. With 1280HD inkjet printing and lappato finish, the marble tile enjoys a smooth and even surface.

With a specification of 1800*900, the K Slab features extra-large size. All the raw materials of the porcelain slab are rare natural stones.

This product provides flooring according to clients desired patterns or random flooring, our tiles always exhibit a strong visual impression.

Including the above porcelain tiles, KITO also provides porcelain tile solutions, patterned tiles and marble mosaic tiles for our clients. No matter what spaces KITO’s tiles are used for, they will bring visitors great pleasure and joy.

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