R&D and Production

KITO always places great focus on the products’ design and development. Therefore, KITO has established an R&D department with over thirty team members, all with sophisticated experience. Additionally, this department features several Italian R&T staff.

The inspiration origins for creating new products are all from daily life, such as the CASSERO Series of porcelain tile. With an origin from wood, cement and cloth, our R&D staff deliver a serious discussion about its surface, production technology and standards. And now, our CASSERO Series of porcelain tile has become one of the best-selling products of KITO.

KITO has three production bases, located in Foshan and Jingdezhen. They are all very modern and occupy a total floor area of 660,000 square meters. In addition, KITO has over ten eco-friendly production lines, which are equipped with a world leading inkjet printer, SACMI PH7500 press and 2.5M*260M roller kiln.

To produce the high-quality tiles the raw materials and glazes must also be of high quality. These materials undergo 1230 degree sintering and 146 separate working processes. Our porcelain tiles’ production is a combination of 16 technologies’ and great precision in dosage measurement and even dispensing. Therefore, the finished porcelain tiles enjoy a high level of quality. After production, these products will undergo an automatic packing process and then they will be shipped to our customers.

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